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Our History

More than 37 years doing the things right

We grow the seed that marks the beginning of our history.  Montero Farms is a team of great people who are joined together by the belief that fresh produce is a way of life. Our staff is comprised of passionate, caring, hard working men and women who always maintain the highest levels of honesty and integrity in everything they do.

We are not just an agricultural enterprise, but a family owned and operated business with more than 37 years of experience, that strive to offer a diversity of high quality vegetables to better serve you.

We know that in order to reach the highest level of efficiency and competitiveness, you need to love what you do, and we do it. That’s our motto.  Soil is the core element of our passion, so we work it soulfully and responsibly, because we are aware that every aspect and process in our task is correlated and matters equal.

We have all the infrastructure in Mexico and the United States to plant, produce, pack and distribute fresh produce all year round. This makes us the most important company of its kind in Mexico.

Our certifications guarantee our processes and place us as a leading company in national and international markets around the globe.

Our jicama production areas are located 80% in Nayarit, 15% in Tamaulipas, and 5% in Guanajuato, in México, and our distribution area in the United States covers 25 states, which converts us in a highly competitive business in the international context.